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SHout Campaign: “Don’t forget what spring hunting is really about”

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SHout Campaign: "Don't forget what spring hunting is really about"Spring Hunting Out campaigners have today unveiled a video and poster with the taglines ‘Don’t forget’ and ‘If you vote yes,’ reminding people of the true face of spring hunting in Malta.

The 30 second video shows footage of hunters shooting protected birds, and being involved in incidents with other people, the Campaign organisers said.

Campaign spokesperson Mark Sultana said, “the hunters are hiding behind a mask with the ‘iva’ campaign, but this video uncovers that mask. It shows the real and shocking impact of spring hunting on the countryside, on birds and especially on anyone who dares to try to enjoy the countryside during spring. We haven’t forgotten these incidents, and is important that the public do not forget when casting their votes on April 11th”SHou Campaign: "Don't forget what spring hunting is really about"SHout also revealed their first campaign poster which highlights the acts of vandalism and killing that take place during spring hunting seasons.

The campaign said that it “has also compiled a report of the most extreme examples of violence, vandalism and killing of protected birds during the last ten years. The report highlights fourteen incidents of significant violence against people, sixteen incidents of vandalism against trees, nature reserves or property as well as nine major incidents of threats and harassment against members of the public of volunteers.”

Mark Sultana said, “this catalogue of violence, vandalism and threatening behaviour is really shocking and serves as a reminder of what certain sections of the hunting community are capable of. While the report contains the most extreme examples, we must not forget that members of the general public are frequently subjected to verbal harassment and intimidation during the spring hunting season.”

Campaign Spokesperson Moira Delia said, “We will not forget the rare marsh harriers which were targeted at night while they were resting, using torches so they can be shot at. We will not forget the flamingos, the storks and the balaclava clad hunter caught shooting birds in the Foresta 2000 bird sanctuary. These incidents are simply the tip of the iceberg and show why we must vote ‘no’ so that birds can safely fly over Malta on their way back to mainland Europe to lay eggs and increase their numbers.”

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