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Good news or bad news for Qala on Hondoq? – Readers Letter

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Good news or bad news for Qala on Hondoq? - Readers Letter“It is usual for good news items to hit the news before elections, and Qala is no exception – what with the recent road resurfacing in front of the Council Offices, the repaving of the square, and the opening of the Folk Museum.

So why aren’t Labour taking the opportunity before the upcoming local elections to announce “good news” about Hondoq in the form of the long awaited DPAR report?

Two years ago the Prime Minister stated the Labour party was against the project. A year ago Gozo Minister Anton Refalo, stated there would be no building whatsoever at Hondoq.

If the report is against the proposed development, as are the majority of recommendations, and 85% of the Qalin residents – now would be just the time to announce such good news, before the elections.

However, it has been decided once again to delay the announcement until afterwards, which doesn’t bode well. Surely now is the time to allow MEPA to release their report?”

Barry Wilson,


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    4 Responses

    1. Joseph B says:

      No news is bad news because as you said even if somebody lifts his finger it is flashed all over the maltese media and Hondoq issue is swept under the carpet?
      Maybe there are some in high places who want to build (fatten their pockets)?

    2. Mike Swann says:

      Unbelievable! What are they hiding? There can be no reason to delay this report unless of course it will affect the vote because it will be against preserving Hondoq Bay.

      Come on MEPA, come on Labour, come clean, what on earth is going on?

      Do I smell a rat here?

    3. Bernard says:

      Everyone knows what the intention is delay delay and delay so people fighting to save Hondoq will give up . Please keep on doing what you do best paul

    4. Eliza says:

      I don’t understand how Qala doesn’t want change but they keep inviting Joseph Muscat to Qala. Joseph Muscat doesn’t belong in Qala. Joseph Muscat is always looking to make profit and he does this by exploiting the environment with construction. If Joseph Muscat wants to help Gozo, why doesn’t he start with the pollution and car controll. Gozo does not need more buildings

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