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Gozo College undertakes a programme of professional development

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Gozo College undertakes a programme of professional developmentThe Gozo College has said that it strongly believes that the continuous professional development and skills upgrading of all the officials and employees, serving within it, will go a long way in ensuring the high standards which are required to ensure an educationally sound environment where the educational needs of the students attending the eleven (11) primary schools and the two (2) secondary school, which comprise the College, are provided for.

To this end the Gozo College Principal – Mr Victor Galea, is implementing a programme of professional development and upskilling seminars to cater for the training needs of both the teaching and school administrations staff, as well non-teaching staff, including clerical and maintenance, as well as the general hands serving at the different schools across Gozo.

In this regard the Education, Science and Culture Centre, at Lunzjata Valley is proving to be the perfect venue for these training session, and as recent as today, Tuesday, the Gozo College and the Directorate for Lifelong Learning in collaboration with the Emergency Response and Rescue Corps (ERRC) planned out with Healthy and Safety issues. All the maintenance staff within the Gozo College attended this seminar.

During this five hour long training seminar, some of the issues dealt with included among others, identification procedures related to health and safety hazards; and protocols required to anticipate and as far as humanely possible, prevent accidents.

The seminar also had a practical session, which provided a hands-on experience in the handling of fire-fighting equipment which is available at schools.

Trainers went into the techniques and protocols that must be followed in the case of a real accident or emergency for maintenance employees, until the personnel from the emergency services arrive at place of the accident and take over control of the site of a real emergency.

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