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Threatened countryside, an eyesore to everybody – Readers Letter

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Threatened countryside, an eyesore to everybody - Readers Letter“Why should a walk in the countryside meant to rest one’s mind, be more stressful by seeing such an awful view, an eyesore to everybody, locals and tourists alike.

That besides being dangerous for children especially with sharp, rusted, jutting metal pieces around. Nadur Local Council and the Ministry for Gozo, please take note!

Why haven’t Green Wardens been engaged, trained to control and if necessary fine people, who vandalise and dump their waste in the countryside.

The area in front of Nadur’s old cemetery entails a very lovely landscape but this ‘scene’ simply ruins it.

Unfortunately cleanups tend to be futile since waste seems to regather in the same areas by magic. Let’s be more realistic and act to protect the lovely outdoors Gozo is blessed with before the natural habitat of certain local species is destroyed and it is too late to enjoy.”

Ritiann Portelli,


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    2 Responses

    1. Rocks! says:

      Well said. Green wardens are a great idea. Sadly, without enforcement of no dumping/no littering Gozo will continue to look like this- beautiful scenery and shocking piles of garbage.

    2. Gozo Greyhounds - Gozo proud says:

      We have been trying to send a message out, specilally to Gozo people and not Gozo kids or education. Yes enforcement, there must be consequences, yes wardens to give fine if Garbege is out in a wrong time or day, Wardens should go around in villages and if the garbage is out they must take Photos, time and fine. Shame on people that dumping and they should be big fine and make them to clean up an eria as well. We Gozo Rocks Clean & Green Hikes spend 21 Sundays walking around the perimeter of Gozo and the amount we picked was incredible.

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