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The Referendum is a test for democracy – SHout campaign

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The Referendum is a test for democracy - SHout campaignSpeaking at a SHout campaign event in Birkirkara today, SHout spokesperson Moira Delia said that said that the biggest test for democracy is the referendum, “if we lose this referendum, it is democracy that loses.”

Moira Delia said that there are many voters needed to pick up the vote and many people who needed to decide.

“This is not only about birds, it is about democracy and people being empowered to decide. We need to understand that this is a unique chance for the Maltese and Gozitans to decide for themselves.”

She added, “the younger people are on our side but they must go out and vote.”

Moira Delia reminded everyone that both Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil gave everyone the right to decide for themselves. “This is stated in very clear terms.”

She said that birds stand little chance of survival in Malta’s countryside as they are greeted by the highest concentration of hunters in the world.

“Malta is the most densely populated country in Europe, and has the highest concentration of hunters anywhere in the world with a staggering 65 hunters per square kilometre of the countryside,” said Moria Delia.

“What chance do birds stand of being able to make it through our islands safely?”

SHout pointed out that the footprint of our countryside in Malta had diminished over the years, with intense development encroaching into natural areas. “The countryside now cover less than one fifth of the islands, leaving less and less space available for birds and nature to flourish, and for people to enjoy.”

“Our countryside is not what it used to be; our rural areas are much smaller than they once were, and there are more people. Then in spring, the additional pressure of 10,000 hunters with guns greets migrating birds who are looking for a safe place to rest and feed, before they can continue on their long journey north to build their nests and lay eggs.”

“The challenges facing these birds are incredible, they are travelling thousands of miles across oceans and deserts, battling wind and weather just to get back and raise their young. We should be offering them protection and a safe place to rest, not shooting them on their way to breed.”

Moira Delia urged the residents of Birkirkara, who will not be voting in Local Council Elections, to vote. She added those who had not received a vote, should collect their voting documents and make their mark on April 11.

“Malta has changed, and it’s now time for us to change. I encourage everyone to vote ‘no’ on April 11 to protect birds in spring, every vote is important. In 15 days time we will have the chance to change all this.”

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