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SHout urge all voters to play their part “in making spring hunting history”

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SHout urge all voters to play their part "in making spring hunting history"Spring Hunting Out campaigners gathered outside the Naxxar Counting Complex this morning, where the result of the long awaited spring hunting referendum will be announced on Sunday, calling on all voters to be part of history.

Mark Sultana, SHout campaign spokesperson said, “The long awaited opportunity to abolish spring hunting is now upon us. In just 4 days time we will be making our marks not only on the ballot paper, but in the history books.

“Our campaign is positive, because it refers to positive change, making something better and to stopping the senseless killing of birds during their breeding season.”

“The referendum is a democratic process which reflect the wish of the people. This is the first time that the voters of different political beliefs have come together and join forces to make the change,” he said.

Mark added, “it is here, in the Naxxar Counting Complex, that your votes will be collected and counted. It is here that the result will be announced, it is here that history will be made. We have the chance to consign spring hunting to the history books, and play our part in forging a better future for nature, for our countryside, and for our future generations.”

“We urge everyone who has yet to collect their voting document to do so here, from the Naxxar Counting Complex, before Thursday evening. This issue affects all of us.” Moira Delia, reiterated to voters the five main reasons why they should vote ‘no’ on Saturday, saying:

“Vote ‘no’ to stop the cruel killing of migrating birds on their way to breed. Malta is the only country to kill declining turtle dove and quail in springtime, this is simply unsustainable.

Vote ‘no’ to put an end to hunters’ bullying and backroom deals for votes. This referendum is democracy in action; they speak with their weapons, we speak with our vote.

Vote ‘no’ for the right to enjoy your countryside in spring without fear of intimidation or harassment. The hunters will still have 5 months to shoot from September to January, with no limits. They have autumn, the rest of us deserve spring.

Vote ‘no’ to create a better future for our children. A future in which they can see birds and nature flourish in our countryside, a future where the rights of civil society are upheld.

Vote ‘no’ to bring Malta in line with the rest of Europe. We are the only European country to kill these birds in spring, the only Mediterranean country where turtle dove do not breed.”

Spokesperson Saviour Balzan said that the campaign to stop spring hunting had been a positive campaign. He urged everyone to remember what the political leaders had stated: both Joseph Muscat and Simon Busuttil had made it very clear that people were free to vote as they wished.

“And that is why so many Labourites and Nationalists including had opted to vote No. He added: “This is a referendum about spring hunting and the countryside and nothing else.”

“This is an amazing opportunity which we have been given, a chance for each and every one of us to play our part in the democratic process of our country. Collect your vote, use your vote, together we can bring about change. Together, we can make history,” concluded Saviour Balzan,

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