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Vote Yes in Saturday’s Referendum on Spring Hunting – Readers Letter

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Vote Yes in Saturday's Referendum on Spring Hunting - Readers Letter“One day soon The Azure window will fall, so will Ggantija Temples, all these Millions of Euros in the maintenance of Valletta knights buildings will fall with a small earth tremor. This is for sure to happen, if not tomorrow, it will happen one day. One day all Malta will sink under the waters. WE ARE SITTING ON TECTONICS PLATES! You don’t believe me? Then go and see:

Have a look at your house, your villa, your gold, your beautiful car, it is all going down, down, down. What is left? Nothing. All we have are present experiences which turn into beautiful memories, so life is not who you are, what you have, how popular you are but how happy you are. Human beings are the only being who evolved to the level of being able to experience happiness.

The Church tries its utmost to make us feel miserable and guilty…. Why I ask? But I say ‘ NO MORE’…. Let the Bishops and Pastors and Muslims and Buddhists be sad and negative and fast and feel as sinners. I am God’s creation and God does not create second best or sinners. God has created us in his image and therefore we should be happy as he is happy.

Why don’t we fight ISIS and all negative forces by creating a Joyous world, at least in Malta, at least around us? Stop generating ill feelings by joining evil forces with the excuse of protecting birds! The birds will all disappear soon. It has happened 5 times already in the history of the Earth! Live was annihilated by 95%… 5 times all animals and humans and trees and birds disappeared with only 5% who survived and start evolving again! Once by Gamma Rays, ones by Super Volcanoes, By Meteorites, and others and soon the great oceans are going to stop giving us air.

Watch some science programmes and learn that we are hanging on a very thin string and yet we waste our energy and fight on the change of a power station, on this and the other and on a small group of hunters who instead of drinking their guts in some bar, instead of drugging themselves or gambling or other sort of vices, they ENJOY hunting birds. They would love to catch all kinds of birds but only two species are allowed for them and still some people want to take away this joy these hunters get from bird game.

They do not do it with the power of the parliament because they won no chairs, no one voted for them, even in the councils! So they want to keep strong by influencing NGOs and other groups to create an issue, use our tax money and make a Referendum. The say we want to give power to the people, NO in reality they want to use the power of the people because they have no seats. Not only the power but also with our tax money and they will get the glory and much money too by being the vigilantes.

But as always the Right will win, Goodness will prevail and the YES will show these people that the Maltese people respect the Joy these sportsmen can have and by voting YES the Maltese people are sending a message to the third political party that we do not need your interference, and instead of blocking Happy past times why don’t you seek to create more so that Malta would be a more happy and a joyous place to live in before it is all gone. Then we will vote for you.”

Anthony Zammit,


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    8 Responses

    1. Mr+Brightside says:

      With views like Mr Zammit’s I suggest you vote No or you really will have the lunatics running th asylum!

    2. George Palmer says:

      What a load of old sentimental drivel. It is about neanderthal blood lust and a desire to ruin nature and spoil the countryside for decent people. This is just a last ditch attempt to justify what is a truly horrific medieval pastime. Vote No and show these hideous people what decent folk really think. Vote No for decency and for what is right-protecting birds and nature.

      • Anthony says:

        Mr Palmer thank you for calling the majority of Maltese Neanderthai blooded, hideous people, with truly horrific medieva; pastimes. i pity you living in the midst of such people!

    3. Joseph says:

      Dear Anthony,

      your arguments have several flaws that I would like to highlight:

      – You critize the position of officials of the church that represent the Christian Believe based on the teaching of Jesus Christ. The son of God always preached non-violent behaviour and the respect and protection of all living beeings (birds included). Then again you refer that you were created as a copy of god, but this cannot be the christian god since your god seems to tell you to have fun and be happy without respecting anybody else but yourself. To me this seems incredible selfish and I would not like to get to know the so called religion you are believing in

      – you mentioned that buddhists feel sad and seeing the life in a negative sense. This shows that you have no idea about Buddhism. In fact, buddhists are considered among the most happy people on this planet : due to the fact that they create happyness and joy by beeing nice and friendly people that repect every other living beeing and seek to help whenever they can – not by enjoying slaughtering undefensive animals or by offending and attacking other people. Good deeds and serving for the community is also the true spirit of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      -If everybody would follow your logic ‘everything will vanish eventually’ , then we would not need any laws, rules and human behaviour anymore. Let anarchy and caos rule! “Hey, I enjoy incinerate trees” “I want to demolish public property!” “I want to kick random people on the streets – or better, chase them with my gun!” Taking a closer look, you should agree that your argumentation does not stand on a solid base and that in a society sometimes changes in thinking and behaviour are necessary to grant a bright and positive future for all of us.

      Kind regards

      • Anthony says:

        Dear Joseph,
        Thank you for your comment where you emphasised that my article has some flaws, therefore I take it that the rest of my presentation was good! I could say more and clear these mentioned flaws but without offending you personally I believe that I would not be able to get my explanation through to you, firstly because I am not capable to (I accept my inability to articulate myself) and on the other hand you, like so many (including myself) were brainwashed and are unable to be set free. It took me all my 62 years of life to get some freedom from the religious bombardment, culture and suppression. What am I doing with my new freedom? Nothing much because I feel I am living in an Alien planet watching my brother’s tax money thrown away because of qualms on such a diminutive issue such as the SHOUT. My only friend is God because I love him and I feel his love back. I am Free not because I do what I want but I am free because I do not have to do what the Church orders me to do. In the hunting case I respect the elected Government and I pray that the Government in Opposition does his job, but I do not expect that I should bow my head to a third power which creates issues, using the power of the people to get his power felt. If the No wins, the only people who would win are the third un-elected party, wait and see.

    4. Pio says:

      Dear Anthony, how on earth could you convey any so called ‘Happiness’ if all you see is doom & gloom??? erm… by your article’s account, you might as well end your life because it seems that you only are existing to hunt & as you said, all the birds will also vanish one day, so according to your article, you should not have any reason to live. I am quite surprised that the article itself was allowed to be published in the first place as it only conveys a big void & no scope of a (civilised) life whatsoever.

      • anthony says:

        Dear Pio You hit the nail on its head by saying that I should end my life because as the article suggests there is nothing to live for but I chose to live instead of dying. I chose life on death but a fuller life full of happiness which I have to créate myself because neither a religión, a faith or social Institution can give me much of what I seek. Everything will vanish and I have a feeling that it will happen son, so why are we WAISTING our time and effort on trivial things? instead of making our existance wrth living for the short time we have! You are easily surprised at everything! Surprised that the editor chose to print such $/”#. Maybe he saw somethng in what I said that you can never hope to see.

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