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Moviment Graffitti against proposed University project at Zonqor

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Moviment Graffitti against Zonqor project & welcomes new NGOIn the light of the Government’s push for the construction of a huge private University at Zonqor, Marsascala, Moviment Graffitti, in a statement expressed its “strong opposition to this development on ODZ land.”

It pledged to do “its utmost to stop, as the Movement has consistently done for the past 20 years, another unacceptable project that will continue destroying our natural landscape.”

Moviment Graffitti said that it welcomes the establishment of the Front Harsien ODZ following a public meeting called by the Movement.

Moviment Graffitti stated – “Those present for the public meeting expressed the wish to see established a wide coalition of individuals and organisations geared towards protecting land delineated as ODZ and, in particular, to contrast the Zonqor development.”

“Moviment Graffitti endorses and fully supports this newly established Front and urges all individuals and organisations outraged at the idea of a built-up Zonqor to join this Front. Only a strong and united movement for the protection of the environment can stop greedy developers and our country’s political class from bulldozing our voices as well as our natural heritage.”

the Movement added that besides the issue of construction in ODZ land, the proposed Zonqor development presents a number of other concerns.

“Moviment Graffitti is against the privatisation of space and strongly opposes projects that involve the transfer of public land to private companies.”

It stated, “Projects like Portomaso and SmartCity were, essentially, a land-grab whereby public resources were given to private companies and public land was transformed into private space. The Zonqor development would constitute yet another massive grab of public space, this time to be used for the interests and profits of Sadeen.”

“It is very unlikely that the project in Marsascala will benefit local communities or the Maltese in general.” The Movement continued, “this development risks creating a ghetto for rich students and, consequently, an increased cost of living in surrounding areas.”

“Moreover, the private University cannot be considered a real investment in educational development, since access will be restricted to a tiny minority of rich families. Educational development is only achieved when there is free and accessible quality education for all – something which the University proposed by Sadeen is the direct opposite,” concluded Moviment Graffitti.

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