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Alfred Sant’s Euro book launch coincides with Greek showdown

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Alfred Sant's Euro book launch coincides with Greek showdownAs the leaders of the Eurozone and Greece line up for a final showdown on Monday, there could not have been a more appropriate time for the publication of Alfred Sant’s new book, ‘Malta & the Euro 2.’

It charts and analyses developments in the eurozone crisis between 2012 and 2015 and follows on another book with the same title, published in 2012, which presented the events that had taken place up to 2011.

The MEP said that “inevitably, the Greek saga is at centre stage for most of the time.” Almost right from the start, Sant said he had predicted there would be “big problems with the Greek bailout plan, by which that country received loan support from the euro zone to tide over its financial crisis.”

The 530 page book, which was officially launched today at the Melita Gardens, explains the how and why of the Greek crisis. It does so from a Maltese perspective. As a Euro zone member, Malta has directly and indirectly lent Greece per capita of population more than any other euro country.

However, ‘Malta & the Euro 2, which has also been published as an e book does not limit the story to the Greek crisis. Other major aspects of Euro affairs are covered in depth. The book describes and analyses the steps taken by the Euro zone to build new institutions meant to strengthen its operations, such as a common bailout fund and a banking union by which all European banks are now monitored by the European Central Bank, Sant said.

“Another major topic is the ongoing moves to improve the governance of the euro zone, which are of special interest to Malta and other smaller states. Under new governance rules such states could lose further their already restricted say in the eurozone’s affairs.”

The author said that Malta & the Euro 2 deals with complex but important issues in simple terms accessible to most people but without simplifying. It will be of great interest to those wishing to understand how the Greek crisis and other euro zone issues have come to the boiling point. Additionally, students of international and economic affairs should find the detailed euro timelines at the beginning of the book an extremely useful tool.

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