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Two new schemes launched aimed at the hospitality sector in Gozo

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Two new schemes launched aimed at the hospitality sector in GozoThe Minister for Gozo, Anton Refalo and the Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo, were present for the launch of two schemes aimed at the hospitality sector in Gozo. The main purpose of these schemes is to help develop the potential of creating sustainable employment in Gozo.

These two schemes were launched during a briefing held at the ITS Centre in Qala, during which ETC officials explained the details of the scheme, which were first announced in the 2015 Budget Speech.

Both schemes, which were outlined by Clyde Caruana, the ETC Chairman are as follows:

SCHEME A: NI Refund Scheme (refund of contribution Stamp) Every operator in the tourism sector to create new full-time job will receive back up to € 1,000 contribution from social security. It is believed that this scheme be allocated to 130 participants at a cost of € 130,000

SCHEME B: Seasonality Scheme (Help the winter months – seasonality) through this scheme, a grant will be awarded to a maximum of € 1,080 per participant to those employers in the catering sector to send their employees on training courses between November 2015 and March 2016. 100 participants are expected to benefit from this scheme. The sum of €136,800 has been allocated. Through this second scheme, investment is being made in the training of workers in the tourism sector, thus improving the quality of this service.

The Minister for Gozo, Dr Anton Refalo reiterated that it is the policy of the present Government to give more priority to create work in Gozo for Gozitans, therefore ensuring that this island remains sustainable for the people living in it

“This policy is to increase employment in Gozo with both the private sector and the public sector thereby increasing business in Gozo.”

Dr Refalo said that through such schemes in Gozo, both the employee and the employer will benefit and be encouraged to move forward.

“Through Malta Enterprise, the Government has also strengthened the financial schemes of aid both for new businesses and for those who want to expand industrial enterprises in Gozo.”

Minister Bartolo stressed that such schemes should help the economy rebound in Gozo and increase opportunities for more young people to find employment in Gozo.

The Minister also mentioned that as of this school year the subject of hospitality will be taught in state secondary schools as well as Church schools in Gozo. “This bodes well for students looking to learn this industry by positive means and opens the door to more opportunities.”

Photograph: MGOZ/George Scerri

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