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Online paedophilia almost doubles in just two years

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Online paedophilia almost doubles in just 2 yearsWith 34,152 reports of internet websites with child-pornography content only in the first nine months, 2008 is looming as the record breaking year for online pedophilia, its numbers practically doubling since 2006 to today.

The Rainbow Phone Organisation, which is based in Milan, Italy, has for many years been dedicated to working against the expansion of online child pornography. In order to achieve this objective, the organisation not only carries out the well known activity of consistent and persistent monitoring; but also aims to prevent abuse by holding national awareness and information campaigns on the topics related to child abuse.

The Rainbow Phone, “The International Observatory on Paedophilia,” has reported 3,800 websites per month, 880 websites per week, 125 sites per day, but with peaks of over 200 websites reported in a single day. This and more emerges from the September 2008 report on online pedophilia published by the Rainbow Phone.

In geographical terms, the Germany, USA, Netherland, Russian Federation, Cyprus, China and Canada are at the chart positions of the countries that host the reported sites, of which over ten thousand are linked to paedo-business, confirming the unquestionable commercial root of the greater part of online paedophilia activities. The promotion of pay-per-view websites was especially aggressive in 2008, operating by repeatedly contaminating with appropriate messages the “little-monitored” electric notice boards of north American, Asian and European universities, research institutes and companies.

The Rainbow Phone report highlights a persistent number of legislative shortcomings and inertias in contrasting the phenomenon, which in many countries still aid the further expansion of online paedophilia.

Even from the point of view of the techniques used, 2008 presents a worrying figure and that is the hyperbolic growth in the use of the so called “masked files” (files with special formats, denomination and password series that are not entirely transparent about their contents) published especially in Japanese and South Korean internet areas, in particular exploiting the poor controls implemented by providers.

“A further worrying factor which should deserve the greatest attention is the number of paedophile website visitors” – says Giovanni Arena, president of the Rainbow Phone – “They are figures with so many zeros that they are really alarming” Paedophile websites visitors and users are prevalently German, American, Russian, English, Italian and French: a veritable army that moves daily on the internet hunting for pictures, videos, contacts.”

The Rainbow Phone report concerns exclusively websites with explicit paedophile and child-pornography materials reported to Interpol and national police forces according to their jurisdiction and, in Italy, to the Judicial Authority and the Telecom Investigation Unit multiforce, made up by the Carabinieri, Postal police and Customs police.

The full report can be read and downloaded from the Rainbow Phone’s Internet website at

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