18 NGOs meet for campaigning, communications & activism training in Gozo

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18 NGOs meet for campaigning, communications & activism training in GozoOver 30 young activists representing 18 NGOs convened for a two-day training seminar in Ghasri, Gozo this weekend. The “Activism Weekend” was organised by TerraFirma Collective, a platform for NGOs working on environmental issues in the Maltese islands

The young activists aged between 18 and 30 were given training on campaigning, communications and activism by a professional consultant with international experience in the NGO field. This seminar also provided an opportunity for young activists to collaborate on future campaigns addressing pressing environmental concerns.

“The level of destruction of our environment in the Maltese Islands clearly shows that business as usual cannot continue. The young activists gathered in Gozo today are the potential future leaders of civil society who demand a radical shift in the current mentality,” said JD Farrugia TerraFirma Project Coordinator.

The activists aim to facilitate collaboration and make an impact on social and environmental issues as well as develop volunteer skills and professionalise civil society.

TerraFirma will be organising similar free trainings for young activists in the coming months so that they could learn how to run more effective campaigns and projects.

The next trainings will be on fundraising and NGO management and NGOs can register by contacting TerraFirma.

For more information please contact JD Farrugia, Project Coordinator, Mobile: 79710102 or Email: jd@terrafirmacollective.org.

TerraFirma was established in 2014 as part of the project entitled ‘Empowering Maltese NGOs’ which was initiated by Flimkien Ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Friends of the Earth Malta and the Malta Organic Agriculture Movement. TerraFirma aims to promote communication and collaboration between the NGOs in the country.

The platform also aims to increase the capacity of its member organisations by offering training to NGOs on various topics such as advocacy, communications, board management and fundraising and help give NGOs representation on a local and international level.

Photo Young activists from 18 NGOs convened for “Activism Weekend” in Gozo. Photo by Faisal Sadegh

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    1. Alain says:

      very well the youth, I notice – photo – that the parity is present in the NGOS.
      It is a good starting ..

      the future it’s you

      good luck


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