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FKNK to launch a Sustainable Wildlife Use Malta Academy

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FKNK to launch a Sustainable Wildlife Use Malta AcademyThe Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) is soon to officially launch the Sustainable Wildlife Use Malta Academy.

The FKNK said that the Academy's initial goal is the development of a Course that new hunting licences applicants have to undertake before they can sit for the Test to obtain their licence.

"The Course's syllabus will include the knowledge of the relative hunting legislation; shotgun handling and safety proficiency; game and protected species field identification; code of conduct and practise ethics for hunters; and conservation and biodiversity issues and their impact on nature and on renewable natural resources."

"All of which are today noticeable lacking in the local hunting licence Test process," the Federation said. "Eventually, and based on the same licence Test principles, refresher courses for hunting licence holders are envisaged, besides other related objectives."

This FKNK added that this initiative has already been welcomed by the Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights, Roderick Galdes; the Wild Birds Regulation Unit (WBRU) within Mr. Galdes's Ministry; the Malta Ornis Committee Chairmanship; and the Minister for Home Affairs and National Security, the Honourable Karmenu Abela, who, at a meeting with FKNK officials, emphasised the importance of the shotgun handling and safety proficiency part of the syllabus.

The FKNK concluded by saying that it is also at present in correspondence with other European hunting academies, besides having held talks with the Malta University Holding Company on which campus the relative lectures may be held and from where the applicants can obtain a participation certificate, by means of which they can then undertake the licence test.

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