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New and improved bus routes for Gozitans students in Malta

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New and improved bus routes for Gozitans students in MaltaEarlier this week, representatives from the Gozo University Group and Kunsill Studenti Universitarji, together with Mr Anthony Briffa (Youth Coordinator for the Ministry of Gozo), held what they described as an extremely productive meeting with Transport Malta regarding the transport available for Gozitan students on the mainland.

This meeting was scheduled after taking on board comments from various students who regularly use the public transport provided.

The organisations jointly, showed their concerns regarding the following issues;

· X1A was only available twice a week, on Monday and Friday Mornings. · There was no direct rout to MCAST in Paola, were a significant number of Gozitan choose to continue their studies.

· Students were not arriving at Cirkewwa on time for the ferry. · The X1 bus route was leaving from Cirkewwa just a few minutes before the Ferry arrives at the terminal.

Both organisations said that they are" delighted with the efforts made by 'Transport Malta' as they have taken on board our ideas and assured us that the follow implementations are to be conducted."

· X1A will now operate twice daily (From Monday to Friday), early in the morning.

· X1A will consist of three stops, Skate park, Mater Dei and MCAST Paola.

· X1 will be scheduled in a way that it arrives at Cirkewwa with 15 minutes to spare. Therefore students and workers will not miss the scheduled ferry.

· Employees have been informed not to leave from Cirkewwa bus station if the ferry is close to docking.

· X1A will also operate twice a week on Friday evenings to take students from Msida to Cirkewwa.

GUG MCAST said that it has also given recognition to the fact that MCAST Paola was included in the X1 route as they have been stressing the importance of such a service.

"These improvements are to be implemented by the New Year and the exact schedules are to be released by mid-December," the student organisations said.

"All parties involved recognise the efforts made to offer the best possible public service transport for the Gozitan students," they said.

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