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Malta should remain Neutral, says the Communist Party of Malta

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Comm_Party_Malta.jpgThe Communist Party of Malta has appealed to The Government not to involve Malta in the conflict that is taking place in Syria which is the result of imperialism.

"The international community should condemn all those countries that finance and military support terrorists groups like ISIS with the aim to destabilise regimes that do not adhere to the imperialist diktat. As communists we strongly condemn the acts of terror committed by ISIS in Paris, Beirut, and other cities."

The Party said that, "with regards to the appeal made by Francois Holland, President of the French Republic for military support from all EU member states, under the article 42.7 of the EU Treaty, this act of terrorism was not a military invasion. Also the Maltese Constitution literally forbids Malta from taking sides and should remain neutral."

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    1. Ci says:

      You can hide under you bed with a blanket over your head but Isis are at war with you!

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