Benny is the 200th animal to be rehomed this year at Gozo SPCA

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Benny is the 200th animal to be rehomed this year at Gozo SPCABenny the Chihuahua, is the 200th animal to be rehomed this year from Gozo SPCA’s Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Victoria.

A spokesperson from the Centre said that this is the first time in its 39-year history on Gozo that this milestone has been reached.

Benny is not the only lucky dog in this heartwarming story, in fact he shares his new home with another ex-Gozo SPCA resident – Bengy.

Gozo SPCA explains how both dogs found their ‘forever homes.’

“Almost everyone who visits a sanctuary wants a puppy, but offering a home to a rescued senior dog is extra special, giving an older dog that second chance in life.”

Two months ago Gozo SPCA received a request from Tracey Woodward for a small elderly dog, and in particular the type nobody wanted. The only condition was that the dog got on with cats, as there were 10 in the prospective new home.

Gozo SPCA had just the dog to fit the bill, and Bengy a 10 year old Chihuahua Cross, with protruding bottom front teeth, was the lucky boy.

The rehoming went so well, that the family said they could also offer another similar type of dog a home, only this time it would have to get on with the 10 cats as well as Bengy!

Benny, a 6 year old Chihuahua, with no upper front teeth was available, having been found on the streets a week earlier, all alone with no microchip and no ID tag.

The vet gave him a health check and said that Benny had lost the teeth years earlier and was able to eat with no problems.

And so Benny now called Fidget joined his new family in Malta, and became the 200th animal rehomed from Gozo SPCA Rescue and Rehoming Centre in 2015.”

Gozo SPCA Rehoming Centre has other dogs of all ages, as well as cats and kittens that are in need of loving homes, if you think you can help by offering them a home, then please email or view their facebook page.

Photograph: Gozo SPCA – Benny on the left and Bengy

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