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Informative campaign on Gozo tunnel will intensify – Front Favur il-Mina

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Informative campaign on a Gozo tunnel will intensify - Front Favur il-MinaFront Favur il-Mina has said that survey results published in a local newspaper this morning, show that 60% of Gozitans want a tunnel to connect Gozo and Malta.

The Front said that it acknowledges this survey, " however, its work does not stop here. In order to pursue its aim – pertinent information must be passed on to stakeholders whilst encouraging entities concerned to carry out the required remaining studies, all in pursuance of initiating the Sub-Seabed Tunnel the Front is striving for."

From the published results, Front Favur il-Mina, noted that the majority of the Gozitans are in favour of the tunnel project, some are still undecided, and a few are against.

"The movement's ongoing informative campaign will intensify, as 'Front Favur Il-Mina' will further educate both Maltese and Gozitan citizens with regards to the benefits of such project and how several aspects from their lives shall improve."

So far the Movement said that it has received the support of the following organisations namely The Gozo Business Chamber (GBC), Grupp Universitarji Ghawdxin (GUG), Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM), Pulse and the latest two – Union Haddiema Maghqudin (UHM) and Malta Union of Teachers (MUT). "Together as a Movement we will work to reach our ultimate aim."

What the Front is proposing is a smooth transition; a 3-stage system from the present one, to the fixed solution – that is – the tunnel. "This long-term strategy is essential, as firstly a tunnel takes over 5 years to be constructed and secondly, this current debilitating situation – that of lack of accessibility between the islands – must be dealt with without hesitation. Such decisions cannot be postponed any longer," it said.

Therefore, the first stage is a temporary one, as one will make use of the current ferries to take commuters to Sa Maison/Valletta, apart from Cirkewwa. The second stage would be to re-introduce, the fast ferry service with catamarans, eventually taking over the service in the first stage.

The Movement stressed that in the meantime, all the remaining studies are to be carried out without further delay. The final stage, is the construction of a one-time investment, i.e. the tunnel. "In a feasibility report prepared by the Economist Gordon Cordina it is stated that the most viable option in the long term, would be the tunnel project even when compared to the current ferry system."

Front Favur il-Mina added that additionally, Gozitans were asked whether themselves or any of their relatives worked in Malta, and unsurprisingly, 80% answered yes. Furthermore, 90% of these stated that it is very unlikely that these workers will ever get the opportunity to find a job related to their profession in Gozo, let alone being offered one, the Front said.

Front Favur il-Mina concluded by stressing that these problems, will be greatly mitigated with the tunnel project. "Economy wise, Gozo will flourish, more entrepreneurs will start investing here, and they will eventually get the ball rolling. This is the economic ripple effect – a whole chain, having its roots in accessibility or the lack of it."

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    2 Responses

    1. Peter pan says:

      may be young but they are doing a great deal of work

    2. Martin says:

      I’m don’t think this article is fair as it makes reference to 60% of gozo people being in favour of the tunnel and some undecided and a Few against I don’t think a few against is the true statement as 40% is a large number

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