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In Praesepio Living Nativity & Festo Christi Natalitio Sacred Art exhibition

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‘In Praesepio’ The Living Nativity & Festo Christi Natalitio’ Sacred Art exhibitionThe third edition of 'In Praesepio' The living Nativity in Nadur Gozo, will run between Saturday, the 19th of December, from 5.00pm, to Sunday, the 3rd of January 2016, organised by the Ghaqda Hbieb tal-Presepju fin-Nadur and Nadur Local Council.

More then 60 persons will take part in this years edition which will be performed in a 300 year old farmhouse situated at 54 Racecourse Street, just a short distance away from the Primary School.

Entrance is free for this event, and everyone is invited to visit this special place, to go back in time and experience Gozo life in the old days.

This living crib will visually transmit the story of Baby Jesus. Around one hundred volunteers transform this house and its surroundings in a typical Maltese crib. The atmosphere is unique… Let us celebrate Christmas!

Another festive event taking place in Nadur are 'Festo Christi Natalitio' – An exhibition of Sacred Art with Christmas as its theme, is now open to the public the 4th of January, at the 'Joe Tabone Hall,' at the Nadur Local Council.

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