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SDM launches Anti-Bullying Campaign – Draw the Line

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SDM launches Anti-Bullying Campaign - Draw the LineSDM – Studenti Demokristjani Maltin (SDM) has today launched its brand new campaign, 'Draw the Line,' a campaign aimed at fighting bullying across Malta and Gozo.

This morning, SDM held a press conference in Valletta to announce the purpose of this campaign, send a message to all students that it is open for healthy dialogue and consultation in the upcoming months.

SDM President Ian Zahra explained that 'Draw the Line' is a campaign which will be carried out during the next 3 months. "By making use of the correct and necessary tools, SDM will be fighting the bullying problem through various means and methods to achieve the ultimate purpose of being a representative student organisation and providing a number of solutions."

SDM commented that statistics show that 43% of youths have been bullied at least once and bullying is deemed to be a common social problem in a number of places, especially in educational institutions.

"The ultimate purpose of 'Draw the Line' will be a Policy Document which will be published at the end of this 3 month campaign, providing an insight to what students feel about bullying and a number of solutions which we feel will help to better solve the problem."

During the next 3 months SDM will be conducting an online questionnaire to ask students what they feel about this social problem and will also be carrying out an extensive social media campaign to increase awareness regarding the topic.

A number of talks and discussions will also be organised to attain the aim of the campaign by providing a well-researched and consulted policy document.

SDM invites all those interested in helping out and forming part of this campaign to join their team and be part of a better future for all youths across Malta and Gozo.

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