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Gozo NGOs Association “denies and condemns” allegations in it-Torca

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Gozo NGOs Association "denies and condemns" allegations in it-TorcaThe Gozo NGOs Association has said in a statement that it, "denies and condemns the false allegations" that were published in an article of the journal it-Torca, on Sunday the 24th of January.

The Association has said that it is trying to make use of the facility given under the law of the right of reply. "This is so with the publication of the Council's statement to correct the wrong impression that the article published created against the Gozo NGOs Association," it said.

The Gozo NGOs Association has said that in the strongest terms, it "denies allegations and assertions, made in respect of the same Association."

The Council added that it is also including below the content of the statement that it sent to the Editor of the journal it-Torca, "which up to this time has not yet been published."

The Council said that it also at the same time, "wants to state that contrary to what is alleged in the article:"

1. "The Association does not distribute any form of funding to organisations that are members with it. The Association is an NGO and like other similar entities it applies for funding under the schemes and calls that from time to time various institutions offer to Non-Governmental Organisations. The funds that the Association receives from a particular entity are used to implement the project.

2. Moreover, every financial report related to a particular project, as well as the annual financial reports of the same Association are audited by an independent auditor. Following these the audited reports are presented discussed and approved at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. This is what exactly happened on Friday, 15 January 2016, during the Annual General Meeting of the Gozo NGOs Association, where all financial and administrative reports were unanimously approved.

3. The Council was unanimously elected during the Annual General Meeting of the Association held on Friday, 15 January and it was elected for three years (2016-2018) and not a caretaker, as was incorrectly noted in that article. The Annual General Meeting that took place was held in an atmosphere of learning and constructive discussion and its conclusions were unanimously approved."

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