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AD calls for a ‘share the road’ safety campaign

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AD calls for stronger road safety campaign directed at share the roadAlternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party, has called for a stronger road safety campaign directed at sharing the road. The call comes in the light of an increasing number of road accidents involving cyclists, it said.

Dr. Claire Azzopardi Lane, spokesperson for Sports said, “motorists very often assume that cyclists should only cycle in the cycle lanes, especially on roads such as the Coast Road. A campaign highlighting the need to share the road, whilst not segregating cyclists to cycle lanes is required to safeguard the safety of both cyclists and motorists alike.”

Dr. Azzopardi Lane insisted that cycle lanes with so called “rumble strips” are a peril for cyclists who are training for their sports on the road. “While designed for commuting cyclists who have more adequate bicycles and who are travelling at lower speeds, cycle lanes tend to hold debris and proof dangerous for cyclists.”

AD said that it supports the request by cyclist to have the “rumble strips” removed and request the installation of speed cameras on the Coast Road.

Malta will be hosting numerous international competitive cyclists in the next days, as part of the Cycling Tour of Malta.

Alternattiva Demokrattika’s spokesperson said, ” Malta has established itself internationally in the field of competitive cycling through the achievements of Maltese athletes, who deserve the respect of fellow motorists on our roads. A ‘share the road approach’ is required and Transport Malta should be one of the entities responsible for educating the public about this.”

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