Malta’s current account surplus increased by €203.9 m in Q4

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Malta's current account surplus increased by €203.9 m in Q4During the fourth quarter of 2015, Malta registered a current account surplus of €205.9 million, the National Statistics Office said today.

Provisional figures for Malta's external transactions during the fourth quarter show an increase of €203.9 million over the same quarter of the previous year.

This resulted from increases in the primary and secondary income accounts as well as in the services account. These were mitigated by an increase in the net negative balance of the goods account.

The primary income account improved by €132.3 million over the negative figure registered a year before, mainly due to a decrease in reinvested earnings. The positive services account improved by €82.5 million, largely due to increases in the transport account. The goods account was characterised mainly by a higher import bill, resulting in a decrease of €33.6 million when compared to the previous year.

The capital account registered a net positive balance of €7.9 million during the last quarter of 2015, a decrease of €2.0 million when compared to the corresponding quarter a year before.

During the same quarter, net asset transactions in the financial account registered increases of €86.4 million. Increases of €2,373.1 million in net portfolio investment transactions, as well as increases in net other investment and net financial derivatives transactions, were mitigated by decreases of €2,627.3 million in net direct investment transactions.

As a result of the above transactions, reserve assets registered a decrease of €18.0 million during the period under review.

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