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BirdLife urges PM to “close spring hunting season if illegalities take place”

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BLM urges Prime Minister to "close spring hunting season if illegalities take place"BirdLife Malta has sent an open letter to the Prime Minister Dr Muscat urging him to close the spring hunting season should illegalities take place in particular hunting of protected birds.

In the letter BirdLife Malta reminded, and praised, the Government for the zero tolerance stance taken last spring when the season was cut short after a protected bird was shot.

It said that, "every spring hunting season brings in an increased wave of protected birds being shot at. Birdlife Malta now urges the government to remain consistent with that position and declares a zero tolerance towards illegal hunting practices. Should illegalities take place the Government should close the hunting season once again."

In the letter BirdLife Malta expressed its concerns that during the past weeks protected birds have already been targeted by hunters, "this does not augur well when in a few days' time, around ten thousand individuals carrying shotguns will be roaming the countryside."

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    2 Responses

    1. Ray Pizer says:

      Heard shooting for the last 3 mornings in Gozo and there are finches and Quail in cages in one area nearby!

      • Patrick says:

        Yes we too heard the shot gun sounds in the Qala area very early in the morning, don’t these people ever learn, the die hard Gozitans as they now known by. Pity i didn’t have my camera at the time i would have immortalized the shooters who ever it was.

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