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Malta voices its strong ambition at the Fisheries Ministerial meeting

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Malta’s strong ambition at the Fisheries Ministerial meetingMalta invited Mediterranean countries to act together as partners, to live up to the claim that the Mediterranean Basin is the cradle of world civilisation, so as to guarantee a sustainable future for the Mediterranean Fisheries sector.

Roderick Galdes, Malta's Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture Fisheries and Animal Rights, outlined his firm belief that decisions need to be based on long term considerations and taken together at Regional and International Level.

The need to safeguard artisanal and small-scale fishermen, and the fact there are no quick-fix solutions were also highlighted.

Malta put forward three concrete suggestions: 1) The immediate establishment and strengthening of joint regional working groups on fisheries management, data collection and fisheries monitoring and control; 2) The continuation of work towards the identification of areas which will allow the restocking of fisheries populations faster; 3) The attainment of a common high level political commitment towards a sustainable way forward.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights Galdes noted that the Maltese Presidency of the European Council is fast approaching and that Malta is extremely hopeful that through such initiatives, with the support of the European Commission, and in full consultation with all the players involved, as partners, it would be possible to agree an ambitious way forward.

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