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Societal Impact of Pain Symposium 2017 to be held in Malta

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Societal Impact of Pain Symposium 2017 to be held in MaltaNo Pain Foundation, a Maltese non-profit organisation of patients and professionals operating on European territory for the improvement of the quality of life of people suffering from chronic pain, was invited to represent Malta as part of the Maltese delegation at the SIP Symposium 2016 (Societal Impact of Pain) which was held in Brussels on the 23rd and 24th of May.

The Societal Impact of Pain Symposium discussed the way forward to help European governments and EU Institutions act and prioritise the societal impact of pain in their policy agenda.

During the Symposium the Scientific Director of No Pain Foundation, Prof. Boaz Samolsky Dekel, and the Secretary General, Mr Mauro Mario, acted as reporters during the workshop, "Chronic Pain: a disease or multi-morbidity?" – formulating, together with a selected team of international experts, policies and recommendations to be presented to the European Parliament with the aim of concretely improving the quality of life of the European population.

During this important meeting and following the intervention of Maltese MEP Alfred Sant, the Maltese delegation was once again invited to take the floor and formally invite the participants to the next SIP Symposium 2017 to be held in Malta during the European Semester.

More than 20 European MEPs involved themselves in the SIP Symposium 2016 together with leading researchers and specialists in the field of pain, representatives of key European patients' organisations, and senior European Commission representatives.

The Maltese MEPs who participated to the SIP were Therese Comodini Cachia, Miriam Dalli and Roberta Metsola.

Silvana Fanalista, President of No Pain Foundation said, "this is a great opportunity for Malta since it will be hosting for the first time all European stakeholders (patients, associations, parliamentarians, citizens…) involved in the important issue of chronic pain. Hundreds of delegates shall have the opportunity to discuss issues of fundamental importance for the health of European citizens, finally giving chronic pain its deserved consideration."

She added that the chronic pain domain is a complex one, even if everything rotates around the patient, the distress also spreads out to the familial, emotional, social and economic strata. "Chronic pain – she said – "not only represents a serious concern related to health and social issues, but also places a huge burden on national economies."

– chronic pain affects 1 in 5 adults in Europe

– 19% of adults in europe suffers from chronic pain

– 500 million working days lost every year in Europe for chronic pain

– 60 billion euro/year is the economical impact for chronic pain in Europe.

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