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Malta Falconers Club welcomes new legislation on falconry

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Malta Falconers Club welcomes new legislation on falconryThe Malta Falconers Club (MFC) has welcomed the publication of the law to regulate the practice of falconry in Malta.

The practice of the art of falconry in Malta has roots which go back hundreds of years, proceeding the byzantine period, and it is appropriate that finally this tradition is recognised and safeguarded, the club said.

The Malta Falconers Club said that it has been the prime mover to get this law enacted, which however would not have been possible without the great collaboration from the Wild Birds Regulation Unit and the Government's respective political will.

"The legislation has managed wonderfully to adapt to the requirements of falconers in Malta, including the necessary environmental constraints in this day and age," the MFC said. it added, "quoting a high ranking official from the International Association for Falconry (IAF), Malta has now one of the best falconry laws in Europe."

"Very soon the sight of a trained falcon on the wing, whether hunting or just exercising, will be more common and this is a joy for falconers and public alike," said the MFC

In the coming days, the MFC said that it will be addressing its members who will be supplied with all the details about the legislation.

A public consultation was launched last November with the aim of the new legislation to attain the following main objectives:

1. Provide an appropriate regulatory framework for the practice of falconry in Malta;

and 2. Ensure that the practice is regulated in a manner that would, on the one hand, enable the various activities comprising the art of falconry, whilst on the other hand ensure that the practice is carried out strictly in accordance with national, EU and international law on the conservation of wild birds.

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