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Jazz Do – An evening with Maltese jazz musicians at Mgarr Harbour

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Jazz Do - An evening with Maltese jazz musicians at Mgarr HarbourJazz Do, returns to Gozo in the beautiful setting of Mgarr Harbour, on Saturday, the 3rd of September.

This 'Live Music Show' attracts a growing following every year, bringing local audiences a musical genre which is one of a kind and in a different type of setting – by the sea.

The programme of entertainment for this year's 4th edition will be provided by musicians Dominic Galea, Sammy Murgo, Mario Aquilina, Noel Grech and Vinny Vella Junior, Anthony Saliba, Adreana and Joe Micallef, Luke Briffa, Dean Montanaro, Karl Galea and Angela Vella Zarb.

Everyone is invited to attend this free of charge concert, which gets underway at 8.30pm, with the participation of Maltese jazz musicians and in collaboration with the Ministry for Gozo, the Malta Tourism Authority, the Gozo Culture and Information Office and Arts Council Malta.

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    11 Responses

    1. Revel Barker says:

      Why don’t they stage this somewhere where people can park?

    2. Revel Barker says:

      @Ray Lord: “good”, I don’t doubt. “Perfectly” rather depends on where, on the island, you happen to live.

      @Kerry: Did I? It’s probably an age-thing… but the question still applies.They could hold it on the football field, beside the car park in Victoria. THEN there would be a perfectly good bus service, from all parts of the island (plus somewhere to park).

    3. Liwtep says:

      Its a great event where else can you see first class jazz musicians for free. There is parking if you go early enough, we go around 7 pm then have a meal at one of the excellent resteraunts. its more a problem finding somewhere to sit than parking, so we take folding chairs. As to holding it somewhere else, wouldn’t the Football pitch in Victoria have the same parking problems? Plus the fact its free so who would pay for seating and a stage? Cant wait to get my foot tapping

    4. Jane says:

      I also am going to repeat myself by giving the same response as I gave to last year’s comment regarding a different concert I think – people can park on the Victoria car park and then get a bus down to the harbour – I think there are 3 service numbers that go between Victoria and the harbour – an excellent service.

      • Revel Barker says:

        Much easier for all, then, if it’s held at, or beside, the Victoria car park.

      • Kerry says:

        True Revel, I think its an age thing, much easier not to hold it at all.
        Didn’t you once say ”..don’t tolerate the intolerant..”?

    5. Revel Barker says:

      @Kerry – the “age-thing” isn’t about jazz. I have been fan since I discovered it, many many years ago. The age-thing is about forgetting that I’d said it before.

      From a personal point of view, the harbour is walking distance from my home, so no problem for me. But it takes up a lot of actual parking space normally used by customers at the harbour restaurants and Gozitans crossing as foot passengers on the ferry. There is insufficient parking space down there, at the best of times.

      That’s all.

      • Kerry says:

        Yes I got that :0, but still don’t agree Revel, from what I have seen over the past couple of years the ”Do” adds significantly to the local business not subtracts. Also I do not think there are many foot passengers for the ferry on a Saturday night, surely its all cars heading for PV!

    6. Revel Barker says:

      Fair enough. I am not going to labour the point – except that the restaurants down there don’t actually need extra business on a Saturday night and casual diners will turn away if they can’t park. And you certainly don’t need a site bigger than a soccer pitch and there is an empty one beside the bus terminus (and main car park)… but, what’s done is done.

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