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11,500 students took part in Respect for All – Skolasajf 2016

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11,500 students took part in Respect for All – Skolasajf 2016Respect for All – Skolasajf 2016 programme welcomed 11,500 students for 8 weeks between 13th July, 2016 and 7th September, 2016.

The programme, organised by the Foundation for Educational Services, was offered in 63 centres across Gozo and Malta, where students had the opportunity to experience various activities that centred on the theme of Respect for All.

The students explored these areas: Respect for Myself; Family and Friends; Environment; Animals; My Country; Different Cultures and work through non formal experiences. Extended opening hours were offered in 30 centres across Gozo and Malta.

This year's programme included structured activities, comprising fun games, a 5 a-side tournament, an educational quiz and a cross curricular sports programme. Students also participated in a number of competitions to encourage team work and creative thinking. Aqra fis-Sajf reading campaign was organised for the second consecutive year in collaboration with the National Literacy Agency.

A number of centres partnered up with the respective local council and organised joint events to foster community learning. Through the different activities all students had the opportunity to be inspired by their local community and discuss the theme of Respect for All in their community. Fund raising activities were also organised in collaboration with the Malta Community Chest Fund. These activities provided the students with various opportunities to develop their skills and abilities.

The Foundation for Educational Services would like to thank all entities and everyone who was involved in the successful implementation of this programme for offering an enriching experience to all learners.

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