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Malta-Gozo tunnel could lead to national undergound connection – Front

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Malta-Gozo tunnel could lead to national undergound connection - FrontFront Favur Il-Mina has said that it concurs with what the PN Leader Simon Busuttil said yesterday during National Youth Parliament, “that problems and challenges relating to the national transport network need to be addressed with a long term plan.”

“A national underground connecting Malta and Gozo is a plausible solution to address this,” said the Front. It added that “a tunnel connecting Malta and Gozo, which in and of itself should already be considered as a national project, may possibly be the start of a series of developments leading to a national underground system.”

“Currently every year over 4.6 million passengers cross between Malta and Gozo. Regardless, Front Favur Il-Mina is open to the exploration of any ideas which may be discussed, regarding a holistic national transport system,” it said.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    3 Responses

    1. Don Roberto says:

      There is a big difference between what Busuttil proposed – a train in a tunnel – and what has been previously discussed – a tunnel for cars. A tunnel for cars could overwhelm Gozo. A train connecting central Gozo to central Malta could alleviate traffic on both islands. I hope when proponents and opponents describe their position, they will be clear on the modes of transport.

    2. Revel Barker says:

      No, Don, it couldn’t “alleviate” anything – because the Maltese would not cross the channel without their cars. So a train link is ridiculous.

      Anyway, why couldn’t there be a road, where the rails go…?

      I refuse to take anybody, politician or NGO, seriously when they say that a tunnel link is “plausible” or “feasible”. It simply is neither.

    3. Don Roberto says:

      Revel, I agree with you. I am in the construction business, and I don’t think anyone is realistic about how much a tunnel would cost. 1 billion euros, easy.

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