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Gozo Biodiversity Explorer: Raising awareness on local trees & shrubs

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Gozo Biodiversity Explorer: Raising awareness on local trees & shrubsLast month the ecoGozo Regional Development Directorate launched an ambitious initiative, which it said is aimed at providing information and raising awareness on the rich biodiversity in Gozo.

The main objective of this project, named Gozo Biodiversity Explorer, is to install a large number of information panels for trees and shrubs in parks and open spaces.

Twenty information plaques were placed on a variety of trees lining the lower part of Marsalforn Valley. These plaques convey unique and interesting information about each tree in Maltese and English, including the scientific and common name, family information, flowering time, natural habitats, region of origin, height, and medicinal, nutritional or cultural uses.

The Directorate said that nearly 200 plaques will be installed on trees and shrubs in the Villa Rundle Gardens by the end of the year. For the future, this initiative could be extended to other parks in Gozo, or even rural and countryside areas with walking trails.

During 2017, these panels will be linked to a digital online database that will provide further information and images on each species through the user’s smartphone or tablet.

“This initiative is another step forward in achieving the ecoGozo vision through biodiversity awareness,” the Directorate said.

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    1 Response

    1. Dave Paterson says:

      At what cost? 190 panels? what size? open tender?
      Better students plant such trees, say 3 years old free, hopefully nurtured by the agro centre Xewkija, and get local schools or craft centres, disability / occupational therapy patients under supervision, or artists in competition to produce such panels with painted pics of blossom, fruit, nuts, foliage, difference if any between male and female, uses medicinally etc see: Szöllosy Heléna’s fantastic new book on plants,shrubs etc of Gozo fruit of 8 years field and academic and anecdoctal research…why not, Eco Gozo buy a copy for every student from Gozo and give to teachers too…

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