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Rise in fuel prices announced effective from tomorrow

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Rise in fuel price announced effective from tomorrowEnemed has announced this afternoon that fuel prices are to rise in price, effective as from tomorrow, Wednesday, the 4th of January.

In a statement this evening Enemed said that petrol will go up 4 cents a litre to €1.31, diesel and kerosene will rise to €1.18, E-Power will go up to €1.46. The company said that the price irises were due to the increase in oil prices.

Enemed also announced that a process will begin this month to convert diesel to e-diesel, with the eventual phasing out of diesel.

The new fuel will be of a superior quality, the company said. It contains no biodiesel, Enemed added, and has a Cetane rating of a minimum 55..

This will result in better efficiency and emissions will be reduced by 20%, Enemed said.

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