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FAA welcomes the PN’s environment proposals launched today

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FAA welcomes the PN's environment proposals launched todayFlimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar has welcomed the PN’s proposals in favour of environment and heritage launched in its environment policy document – A Better Quality of Life for You. The document contains 16 key focus areas and 171 proposals.

“The entrenchment of environmental rights for citizens in the Constitution is an essential first step, and welcomed by FA,” it said.

The eNGO added that equally urgent is the repealing of the very damaging Design Guidelines 2015 which allow two more storeys in Malta’s towns and villages. FAA has called for the reinstatement of ethics, which would preclude working architects from places on the PA’s Boards which is leading to abuse.

FAA said that it supports the proposed fiscal incentives for the restoration of heritage properties, but calls on the Planning Authority and the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage “to immediately block the present wave of destruction of heritage homes, or there will be nothing left to preserve.”

“The Public Domain Act has been ratified, what is holding Government back from stepping in to save unique sites that are deteriorating fast?” FAA asked.

FAA called for training courses in restoration and sustainable construction, to give contractors who wish to switch to these fields a professional formation. The eNGO also endorses the setting up of Green Wardens.

FAA welcomed the fact that “finally one of the two main parties has realised that its role is to protect the health and quality of life of people over all of Malta and Gozo, rather than to promote the interests of a handful of developers. Now let’s see it happen!”

The document launched by PN is available in English to download here

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    2 Responses

    1. Peter says:

      When in opposition say whatever you want and when in government do whatever you want. Anyone remembers the 2006 extension of ODZ areas??? which was bigger than Siggiewi. This is enough for me not to believe a word from this article

      • Peter says:

        This is enough for me not to believe a word from the the two major political parties in Malta PL and PN.

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