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Celebration of International Day of the Midwife today

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Celebration of International Day of the Midwife todayInternational Day of the Midwife is celebrated by midwives around the world today, the 5th of May.

The Malta Union of Midwives and Nurses (MUMN), together with other midwifery organisations, on this day strive to bring awareness of the importance of the midwives’ work to as many people as possible.

Midwives, Mothers and Families: Partners for Life! – This year’s theme established by the International Confederation of Midwives. The MUMN said that every year, millions of women and newborns around the world are cared for by skilled and professional midwives.

The Union added that this year’s theme clearly states that women and their families should have access to the best possible midwifery care before and during pregnancy, in and after childbirth. “Every woman who is pregnant or giving birth must have a better partnership with a professional midwife.”

It also clearly indicates the important roles midwives have, the MUMN said. “Midwives are autonomous practitioners, and specialise in pre-conception, in normal pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.”

“Moreover, they are trained to recognise and deal with deviations from the norm and work in collaboration with other health professionals for the safety of mother and baby,” said the Union. “They also have an important task in counselling and education not only for women, but also for the family and the community.”

The MUMN pointed out that midwifery care for women and their babies is an investment in family and community that promotes healthy growth and well-being for present and future generations. This is the foundation to healthy families which reflects a healthy nation, it said.

“Therefore, adequately resourced and educated midwives are crucial to reducing global maternal and neonatal mortality, and substantially improve the experience of childbearing women before, during and after childbirth.”

The MUMN went on to say that inherent in the theme is midwives being in partnership with women and their families. They help to build healthy families; as midwives, play an important role in society.

“Midwives save lives and promote the health and wellbeing of women and newborns across the entire reproductive, maternal and newborn health continuum.”

“Improving maternal health and reducing child mortality are at the core of the MUMN vision: every mother and newborn child should receive professional midwifery care!” said the Union

The MUMN reiterated its commitment to strengthen quality midwifery, which will, in turn, promote healthier families, communities and nations, it said.

The MUMN Council said that it would like to take this opportunity to wish all the Midwives and Midwifery students a Happy Midwives Day and together with other International Midwifery Organisations emphasise the importance of the midwives’ role and activities to render a quality service to their clients.

The MUMN reaffirmed its pledge to support midwives globally and “work towards the goal of ensuring that every pregnancy is safe and that universal access to sexual and reproductive health services is a reality for all.”

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