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MAM reaches agreement with the Government on VGH hospitals

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MAM reaches agreement with the Government on VGH hospitalsAn agreement has been signed between the Ministry for Health and the Medical Association of Malta (MAM) which gives a guarantee to the doctors working in the Vitals Global Healthcare Hospitals – namely the Gozo General Hospital, Karin Grech Hospital and St Luke’s – that they will remain as Government employees.

Minister for Health Chris Fearne, said that the difficulties were solved with the MAM on the management of these hospitals which will remain in Government’s hands.

He also stated that the agreements will address the recruitment process of new doctors so that this will be “more just and transparent.”

Dr Fearne added that the agreement signed by both parties also provides for those medical students learning at the Bart Medical School.

Dr. Martin Balzan the MAM Secretary General, commented that the agreement regulates relations between the Association and any other entity which provides services in these hospitals.

He went on to say that this will assist them because doctors everywhere they work, should do so with the same regulations.

Dr Balzan added that there is also a mechanism of mediation and arbitration so that if there is disagreement in the process, instead of recurring to strikes, the parties try to reach an agreement with words and where they disagree, there is an arbitration system which, he said, the Association thinks is in the best interest of doctors and patients.

The sectoral agreement will enter into force immediately.

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    1 Response

    1. Lino DeBono says:

      When Mater Dei Hospital opened the agreement reached between Government and Medical Associations specified that Doctors and Specialists, etc, were obliged to practice their profession at Mater Dei Hospital only. The Gozo General Hospital was forgotten. Therefore Specialist – Surgeons and Consultants only came to the General Hospital is they volunteered which numbers were very, very limited. All the rest opened clinics at private ones against a charge of 60/70 euros per visit.
      With this agreement the Gozo Hospital is already experiencing much more qualified specialists in different fields with many more expertness expected.
      Gozitans not only want this but are looking forward for better times with the inflow of students, their parents and patients which together will enhance the Gozo GDP to the betterment of us Gozitans.
      Well done to the Government who came up with this innovative scheme. Only good can come out with this project.

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