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Minister for Gozo pays official visit to Magro Brothers, Xewkija

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Minister for Gozo pays official visit to Magro Brothers, XewkijaThe Minister for Gozo Justyne Caruana made an official visit to Magro Brothers at the Magro Food Village in Xewkija.

The Minister was welcomed to the factory by the directors and visited the premises of Savina Tradition and Heritage, where Dr Caruana had the opportunity to meet a number of the employees from the various divisions of the company.

Magro Brothers is a company with a successful history, established just over 100 years ago in May 1916, today it is still being run by the third and fourth generation of the same family.

Today, Magro Brothers are highly renowned in the agricultural sector in terms of production, the company processes over 85% of Malta’s tomato crop. It employs over 120 personnel, which peaks to 165 with temporary workers during the tomato season.

During the visit Minister Caruana was able to see the processes involved in the preparation of artisan food products, as well as traditional ones such as lace.

Managing Director, Mr John Magro, stressed how the products made in the Magro Food Village are all authentic and preserve the tradition of Gozo and Gozitan cuisine.

He added that they attract interest from a large number of tourists who want to take back a traditional reminder of Gozo.

The Gozo Minister spoke about the importance of genuine Gozitan products especially in today’s market. She congratulated Magro Brothers on their initiative to promote typical Gozitan products in Malta and abroad.

Minister Caruana also said that there should be export opportunities overseas so that our products can be enjoyed by other cultures and societies, creating a great economic impact in the Gozitan economy.

“That is why this Government is committed to help and support the private sector to grow and strengthen the Gozitan economy, create employment and have job mobility where employees can progress,” Dr Caruana said.

She also praised Magro Brothers in its commitment to the training of workers to enable this to happen.

Minister Justyne Caruana concluded by saying that more companies should follow the example of Magro Brothers, “run on principles that promote traditional concepts.” She added that in order for the Gozitan economy to strengthen it must have a firm foundation of values that have at their core the genuineness of Gozo.

Photograph: MGOZ/George Scerri

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    1. gilbert says:

      Encouraging to see Minister being concern of people’s welfare

    2. miriam says:

      Yes i did ask if something can be done for the older people who are on warfrine ro have a nurse to check there blood at home saving them going to the hospital every time but nothing is done as yet

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