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Dwejra Bay should be protected – Readers letter

Dwejra Bay should be protected - Readers letterTo whom it may concern – “My family has owned a property on the Island of Gozo for almost 20 years. This place, in all this time, has become more then a mere vacation refuge. it is almost like a second home. I love the kindness of its inhabitants, the beauty of its landscape, the richness of its history. And I suffer every time the Island of Gozo gets somehow `damaged.’

The recent fall of the Blue window it is undoubtedly a sad thing. But somehow unavoidable, as it was part of a natural process (yes. maybe to avoid in a more effective way the passage of visitors on its top part would have delayed the collapsing, but just for a little time).

But other potential naturalistic losses are on the other had absolutely, and easily, avoidable.

This morning (Sunday the 30th of July 2017), I went for a swim in Dwejra Bay, one of my favourite spots in Gozo, still untouched from mass tourism and all its harmful consequences on the environment.

The picture that appeared to me was quite terrible and traumatic: at least 40 boats, of various types, and sizes were piled up in the bay, with their smoky engines, their oily traces, some also with loud music on.

On the water were evident the traces of some nature-unfriendly behaviours. Never before have I witnessed such a situation, violating one of the gems of this unique island.

I thought that probably this is due to the fact that today is Sunday, in the middle of the summertime. Maybe the other days the situation will be back to normality. Or not?

The idea that such an incredible bay might be destined to become like the surrounding waters of the Blue Lagoon, in Comino, every day of summer, is very disturbing.

I read recently that Dwejra Bay is a protected site, but that little has actually been done to protect its beautiful azure surrounding waters.

As an Italian, it’s far from my intention to give any lecture on how to preserve your environment. On the contrary: I’m ashamed on how my country often fails into taking action toward a better preservation of its beauty. It is not also my intention to protect from “intruders” my personal slice of paradise.

On the contrary: Dwejra Bay might become a new unique destination of Gozo, not yet fully discovered, open to anybody but hopefully in the frame of some rules aimed to protect its unique environment.

With this letter, I just hope to reach who might have the power, or who can affect who has the power, to take any necessary step to protect your own richness, and to make Dwejra Bay accessible without compromising its environmental beauty.”


Flaminio Zadra.

Photographs by Flaminio Zadra

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6 Comments To "Dwejra Bay should be protected – Readers letter"

#1 Comment By Colin Hamer On July 31, 2017 @ 4:25 pm

Unfortunately people in Malta and Gozo treat the sea like they treat the countryside….there needs to be. “Sea change” in attitudes to the environment generally.

#2 Comment By Sam Sultana On July 31, 2017 @ 4:58 pm


I totally agree with your thoughts hopefully this letter will be acted on

#3 Comment By Stephen Mifsud On September 28, 2017 @ 12:10 pm

Most of our sandy beaches are taken by sunbeds and umbrellas for business at a price of c. 10Eur and which usually are aimed for tourists. Maltese started to revert to boat trips (c. 15Eur/person) and this is the result!

#4 Comment By Jake On October 10, 2017 @ 6:55 pm

With the Azure window gone Dwejra Bay must be seen as a prime opportunity to capture tourist €’s. Probably won’t be long before an inroad followed by a few bars/restaurants are built. Sadly the environment will be exploited and views spoilt as long as there’s money to be made. Best to enjoy Dwejra before 10am before everyone gets there and after 4pm when everyone leaves.

#5 Comment By Janey On November 23, 2017 @ 6:38 am

What Malta needs to do is make a quick exit out off the EU!!!

#6 Comment By EuroGozitan On November 23, 2017 @ 4:37 pm

And why is that, Janey? Do you feel that EU membership has not benefitted Malta enough (do have a look at the ubiquitous EU-funded building and improvement projects)? Maybe you would just like to have us join the UK in its self-chosen exile from the world, so it still has a smaller country to look down and tred on…