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Pet Friendly Holiday – drinking water for pets crossing on Gozo Channel

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Pet Friendly Holiday - drinking water for pets crossing on Gozo ChannelPet Friendly Holiday is a new initiative being launched by the Ministry for Gozo through the Animal Welfare Department Gozo.

Visitors crossing over to Gozo with their pets between the 11th and 18th of August – the popular feast of Santa Marija – will be provided with drinking water for pets at both Gozo Channel ferry terminals of Cirkewwa and Mgarr, to help them find some relief from this intense summer heat.

For the first time, every person crossing from Malta to Gozo, will be issued with a pet ticket, which must be presented to Gozo Channel officials. Pet owners will also be given an information leaflet about their care in hot weather.

The Gozo Ministry said that statistics will be compiled on the number of pets crossing on Gozo Channel during that week, this will start from the 11th of August.

Minister for Gozo Dr Justyne Caruana, during a visit to the offices of the Animal Welfare section in Gozo, said, “today everyone is aware of their duties and rights in transporting pets. It is our right as a Ministry to continue to provide more information to the general public on the treatment of their pets – which are also their friends – in the best possible way.”

The Minister stressed that this is just one of the initiatives planned for the future in raising awareness and love for your pets.

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    5 Responses

    1. Jane says:

      This is a very welcome initiative which should make the crossings much more comfortable for the dogs. It could also provide an opportunity to check that dogs on the ferries are chipped and wearing their ID tags.

    2. Dietmar Treptow says:

      Exact Jane – make sure ALL Pets going back to Malta !

    3. Tamworth Terry says:

      I wonder why it is not possible. To install a drinking bowl of water on the Belverdier in Nadur for the dogs that are taken for a walk that way. Should be easy enough as there is running water going to the hand bowls in the toilet

    4. Nigel Baker says:

      If you can’t provide your own dog with a drink of water whilst walking him/her, then perhaps you shouldn’t have a dog at all!

    5. Tamworth Terry says:

      I don’t have one , I was thinking about others

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