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Enemalta registers new all-time peak load of 469 megawatts

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Enemalta registers new all-time peak load of 469 megawattsEnemalta has said that Malta’s national electricity grid load registered all-time peaks three times in three consecutive weeks, reaching 469 megawatts on Monday afternoon.

This was the highest ever electricity peak load ever recorded in the Maltese Islands at any one time, Enemalta said.

At the same time, on the evening of the same day, the national evening peak grid load reached a high of 452 megawatts, once again the highest peak ever registered in Malta during the night.

The company said that three weeks ago, a new all-time high of 447 megawatts was recorded. Last week, this figure climbed by another 13 megawatts before reaching a third peak of 469 megawatts this week, as more customers turn to electricity to keep homes, businesses and other buildings cool.

Enemalta explained that peak electricity grid load is the greatest amount of energy distributed through the national electricity network to Enemalta’s customers at any one time.

Previously, the all-time peak grid load stood at 438 megawatts, registered two years ago, in July 2015.

The company noted that demand for electricity is also dependent on population growth and increased economic activity. “Tourism and industrial zones are among the areas with the highest growth in electricity consumption in recent years,” it said.

Enemalta added that during periods of peak consumption, it takes several additional measures to ensure that the country’s electricity generation and distribution systems continue to meet customers’ electricity demand.

“The Company’s network and electricity generation engineers and technicians are constantly monitoring these systems to continually optimise their performance as temperatures rise,” it said.

Additional teams of engineers and technicians are also assigned to provide swift response to customers’ requests for assistance. Customers who are experiencing difficulties in the electricity services may contact Enemalta’s 24/7 customer support team on freephone 80072224.

“Electricity consumption in the Maltese Islands is gradually increasing every year as more customers opt for electrical energy as a cleaner, more affordable choice for their residential, commercial and industrial requirements,” the company said.

Enemalta remarked that “the high consumption levels reached this summer also mark the first time that all-time peak grid loads were reached without resorting to electricity generated by the old HFO-fired power plants at the Marsa and the Delimara power stations.”

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