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Tourism in Gozo discussed at Minister for Gozo’s meeting with the GTA

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Tourism in Gozo discussed at Minister for Gozo's meeting with the GTAThe Minister for Gozo Dr Justyne Caruana welcomed members of the Gozo Tourism Association to a meeting at the Ministry, the delegation was led by Chairman, Mr Paul Scicluna.

The GTA gave a detailed overview of the current tourism situation in Gozo. Saying that the island is experiencing a positive trend in this important sector for Gozo, which provides support to a large number of Gozitan families.

However, both the Minister and GTA members agreed that words need to be translated into facts, and issues need to be addressed that have already been on the agenda for some time.

Among the priorities mentioned was the importance of better accessibility between the islands, the availability of quality human resources in this extremely important industry and the tourism product offered by Gozo.

The Association mentioned that the authorities concerned must carry out more enforcements to halt any abuse on the island. In this regard, the GTA thanked the Minister for the introduction of Intervention Teams, for urgent on the spot clean-ups in tourism areas, helping strengthen Gozo’s tourism product, they said.

Dr Caruana stressed the need for collaboration and open dialogue not only to identify and address any challenges, but also to plan for the future. “So it is imperative to have real empirical data of what is actually happening in this field, together with up to date statistics on the situation,” she said.

She continued by saying that the Tourism and Economic Development Directorate within the Ministry is working to achieve continuous coordination and improve the use of resources when it comes to marketing Gozo as a distinct destination, to also improve the tourism product, and ensure that labour market trends, analysis and evaluation are always at the forefront, so as to attract new markets.

Justyne Caruana stressed the need to diversify in order to offer various services and niches to attract people to the island who perhaps have different expectations.

The Minister also reiterated the need for the presence of tourism operators on social media, which is generally the first choice for people to search on for their next holiday destination.

The GTA, in their closing remarks at the meeting, thanked Minister Caruana for the understanding and importance shown towards tourism in Gozo, both foreign as well as domestic, with a number of initiatives that are planned for the future, to help attract more tourists throughout the year.

Photograph: MGOZ/Terry Camilleri

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    2 Responses

    1. Ian Barber says:

      I hope that the negative impact of increased tourism on the general public was also discussed, along with the need to improve the infrastructure to cope with the additional tourists. The island is very quickly becoming another “Benidorm” and nobody seems interested in any enforcement of existing laws to deal with it.

    2. maria vella says:

      What about the traffic problems, the snarls due to closed streets, the unfinished and slow roadworks?
      We want quality tourists in Gozo not the sun, sea and sand brigades who make the ‘restaurateurs’ and kiosk owners richer who then do not care For their surroundings?
      What about Construction work at all hours? Dust everywhere and uncovered trucks and facades?
      Does that not interest GTA and the Ministry?

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