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WAAO Comino Clean-up volunteers hail it as a great success

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WAAO Comino Clean-up volunteers hail it as a great successThe Comino Clean-up last Saturday was a great success, organiser François Deniau, President of We Are All One (WAAO), said today.

“It was something that we had been looking forward to carrying out and we came back with a great motivation to stay united, and to expand the idea that plastic can be recycled on a community scale, beyond the clean-ups,” he added.

François remarked that the amount of waste was less than expected, which they found very encouraging. “There is still a significant amount of plastic, however we can say that the situation in Gozo is better than few years ago.”WAAO Comino Clean-up volunteers hail it as a great successHe added that this is thanks to the work of all the NGOs in coordination with the waste department (MGOZ-DPD).

“We were glad to participate in this, apart from the work of the Waste Department staff, our action last Saturday was more about picking up the plastic around the Blue Lagoon, in the water, Cominetto and Santa Marija Bay,” said François.

François thanked all the volunteers and the waste department of the Ministry for Gozo, who, he said, “do a very good job.”WAAO Comino Clean-up volunteers hail it as a great successHe said that, “the shift in consciousness and habits is slow, however the movement is worldwide and it gets stronger and bigger. We had for the Comino clean-up people from South Africa, Italy, France, England… And Gozo!”

François continued, “we can add value to an almost unlimited `raw material,’ participate in the end of petroleum based plastics and move to bio based plastics. France and UK now plan to stop selling petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, end even better: Leaders of the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the EU urge all countries to join them in eliminating support for coal, oil and gas in a decade.”

“People seem to be more aware of the plastic problem, and our next step is to suggest a local recycling thanks to a machine we are about to build (a shredder) and a crowd funding campaign.”WAAO Comino Clean-up volunteers hail it as a great successFrançois is encouraging everyone to participate if possible, or follow them for more information on the WAAO facebook page. You can also visit the website to see the blog and all the details of action completed.

“Thank you all for your support, lets carry on, this is only the beginning!”

Photographs by Alain Salvary

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