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68% of 18-year-old candidates awarded Matriculation Certificates

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68% of 18-year-old candidates awarded Matriculation CertificatesThe Matsec Examinations Board has said that the Matriculation Certificate results and the SEC examination results were issued today.

This year, 4270 candidates sat for the September SEC and Matriculation examinations in a total of 65 subjects. Of these 2754 candidates sat for at least one Matriculation Certificate examination, the Board said.

In a statement this morning, the University said that the target date – which is the last week of September – for publication of results for the September MATSEC examinations has been met consistently since 1994.

It added that, “this is no easy feat considering that the number of Matriculation candidates has tripled since the change in regulations in 2012 with most candidates under 18 years of age now sitting for particular exams in September.”

The University went on to say that the current set-up is quite unique as it also allows candidates the possibility of re-sitting certain subjects in the September session, thus paving the way for successful candidates to enrol for their preferred tertiary course at the University of Malta.

September’s resit examination for SEC gives candidates the possibility of securing a pass qualification within six weeks after the publication of the results of the May/June examination session in mid-July.

The University stated that as a result of this possibility, computing the May and September 2017 results together yields the following outcomes, “the results compare well with those of previous years”:

74.9% of the candidates obtained grades

1 to 5 in English Language,

72.9% in Maltese,

70.0% in Physics and

61.9% in Mathematics.

Applicants for the Matriculation examination have an added opportunity in September to upgrade their results and qualify for the Matriculation Certificate., said the University.

“When considering the two sessions of examinations in 2017, 1873 18-year-old candidates registered for Matriculation examinations and a total of 1276, that is equivalent to 68%, were awarded the Matriculation Certificate.”

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