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Former Gozitan and Maltese mayors assist in the Local Council Reform

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Former Gozitan and Maltese mayors assist in the Local Council ReformA consultation conference was held with former Gozitan and Maltese mayors, “to make them active protagonists in the Local Council Reform.”

The conference was organised by the Parliamentary Secretariat for Local Government and Communities.

The former mayors had the opportunity to give their views and also play a key role in the Local Council Reform process.

The Secretariat said that there were also workshops in which important topics such as; the Local Councils and the Environment, the Local Council’s Finances, the Administrative Aspect of the Local Councils and the Political Parties and the Local Councils, were discussed.

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities Silvio Parnis, stated during the conference that, “although this year we will be celebrating 25 years since the establishment of Local Councils, much remains to be done and this is why a Local Council Reform is necessary.”

Parnis also said that he feels that this reform cannot be fully realised without the involvement of former mayors. “After all they have contributed greatly to the Local Councils and I believe that they still have so much more to give,” he added.

The Parliamentary Secretary also reiterated that the ideas and opinions of former mayors “will help in making this reform effective, with the aim of revitalising Local Councils.”

The conference was also addressed by the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Owen Bonnici, who said that the government believes that the Local Government can strengthen democracy and subsidiarity.

Photograph: DOI/Jason Borg

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