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Fast Ferry: Still work to be done to make it better for students – GUG

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Fast Ferry: Still work to be done to make it better for students - GUGThe Gozo University Group said that it has noted the comments made earlier this week on a local television programme by the Gozo Channel Company Chairman, that they are looking for a company “which would give the Maltese population the opportunity to travel through the use of a fast ferry service.”

The GUG in its statement said that it is pleased to see that this service is being worked on. “It is a project which the Organisation has been in favour of for a long time.”

“Despite these promising steps, there is still work to be done to make the service better for Gozitan students,” the GUG said.

The Gozo Channel fare is €1.15 for the Gozitan passengers, and since most students travel by bus in Malta, the fares total up to around €2, said the GUG.

It pointed out that this will change once the fast ferry service comes into fruition. “The new fare quoted was €6 which is more than 3 times more than the current fare, and they would still have to pay the usual fare for using the bus to their destination.”

This service would leave the Gozo Harbour and travel to the Grand Harbour, making the trip between the two islands far quicker, remarked GUG.

“This initiative is one of great promise and we are glad that the Chairman of the Gozo Channel, Joe Cordina, has said that he is sure that they will get it done and that the talk of fourth ferry is still ongoing.”

The Gozo University Group concluded by saying that, “this might help for time being but as we have already said, it cannot be a solution for the long run.”

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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