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Lecture by the Wild Birds Regulations Unit in Gozo tomorrow

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Lecture by the Wild Birds Regulations Unit in Gozo tomorrowGozo is the venue for the first in a series of lectures – AGGORNAT an information project for people interested in wild birds, bird watching, the Maltese countryside and for those that practice hunting and trapping.

Kaccaturi San Ubertu (KSU) has launched this initiative, which is co-financed by the Conservation of Wild Birds Funding Scheme 2017 administered by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change.

The first lecture is being held tomorrow, Monday, the 20th of March at the Boys Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo, starting at 5.40pm, with the WRBU.

KSU said that there will a series of six talks which will be held in four localities around Gozo and Malta.

Speakers will be from the Wild Birds Regulation Unit (WBRU), Police from the Administrative Law Enforcement Unit (ALE), Ornithologists, speakers from the Merill Rural Network and speakers from the Environment Resources Authority (ERA).

KSU said that subjects to be covered will include the Conservation of birds and the countryside, the role of the WBRU, man and birds, local traditions related to birds, the use of firearms and safety, identification of birds, Natura 2000 sites, ethics of the countryside user, history of hunting and trapping, local hunting and trapping laws and the future of hunting and trapping.

Other talks in the programme will be advertised in the media, on the FaceBook page of KSU and on the social media pages of the related entities.

KSU said that all the sessions are free. There will be coffee breaks and refreshments. Everyone interested in the subjects are invited to attend.

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