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Ggantija is the venue for P A X – The Puzzle that is Peace for Gaulitana

Ggantija is the venue for P A X - The Puzzle that is Peace for GaulitanaP A X – The Puzzle that is Peace – is going to be taking place at the Ggantija Temples in Xaghra.

This installation and public performance is being presented by Gaulitana as past of the programme for this year’s Festival of Music.

The installation artist, Helene Markstein, will be utilising purified Gozo stones to form the word PAX, during this event, which takes place on Saturday, the 7th of April between 5.30pm and 7.00pm.

The evening includes a short ritualistic dance by the Gozo Performance Group will be followed by musical interludes performed a number of local choirs, namely Voci Angeliche, Aurora Youth Choir, Gozo Community Choir and the Gaulitanus Choir.

Gaulitana said that audience members will also be invited to engage with the communal feeling by penning prayers for this peace process.

Gaulitana added that it “firmly believes that such artistic projects play a pivotal role in arts festivals as they highlight the impact of arts and culture in our society.”

The ancient site of Ggantija will serve as “an ideal temple for this “prayer” as it was built for deity-worshipping and prayer-offering whilst that it is intrinsically linked, similarly to the installation, with Gozo stone,” the organisers said.

“The festival wishes to underline how the arts can provoke and inspire. Ggantija, like peace, is silent yet powerful and withstood time. Both the temples and P A X share the intent of seeking peace and pan-spiritual solac,” Gaulitana said.

Complimentary tickets for P A X can be obtained from the Ggantija Interpretation Centre/Gozo Museum of Archaeology(Cittadella). Entry can only be granted on presentation of a ticket as a limited number of places are available, Gaulitanus said.

“Gaulitana 2018 is linked with Ggantija as the sets for Norma are inspired by the temples. During OPERA+ Weekend, a guitar concert and Artistic Insights and Curator’s Tour are also planned.

The festival said that it is grateful to Heritage Malta for supporting this year’s edition.

For more information please visit www.gaulitanus.com [1]

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