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Renovation of roads around Gozo Hospital should be of high standard

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Renovation of roads around Gozo Hospital should be of high standard“Ghajn Qatet Street in Victoria, Gozo, is a fairly important street. Many use it as it joins up Victoria with various towns and places of work.

It is important for me because I live in it, but most of all because it is the road most used by the Hospital Ambulances, after the Arch Bishop Pietru Pace street, or maybe it is equally used as the foremost.

Ambulances needs easy access and smooth roads and as the hospital is ever manifesting greater ambiance and quality, it is as imperative that the roads surrounding the hospital be renovated to complement the high standards such a hospital deserves.

I applaud Minister Justyne Caruana for her ongoing effort to make true the Tramps slogan that Gozo is a Diamond in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Ghajn Qatet Street will soon be widened from those awful protruding rubble walls and be made two ways for easy access of habitats and commuters alike.”

Anthony Zammit,


Photograph by Anthony Zammit

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    10 Responses

    1. Ray says:

      The works shown above are in the service road not on the main road.

      I also live in the road and it is the top end near St Francis Square that really needs resurfacing, also the replacement of the ‘No Entry’ signs to stop traffic driving up the wrong way. It might also help if local residents did not think one way does not apply to them.

      It would not be possible to make Triq Ghajn Qatet two way without knocking down St Francis Church and many houses!

    2. anthony zammit says:

      Everyone has a right to his opinion!

    3. anthony zammit says:

      Define service road. service road synonyms, service road pronunciation, service road translation, English dictionary definition of service road. n. A local road that runs parallel to an expressway or interstate highway and that provides access to the property bordering it. Also called frontage road ….
      Such a luxury that we have both a service road and an Interstate Highway. The works shown on the photo are of water pipes and drainage which will become part of the main road. Hopefully, there will not be one-way roads after Wistin Camilleri Street for the road will be widened to take two lanes and parked cars at the same time.
      Some places there exists one-way signs except for local residents Mr Ray! As for knocking St Francis Church, now that is another story!

    4. Tamworth terry says:

      It’s about time the pavement surrounding the bus stops at the rear entrance was resurface,as it is almost non existent ,just a few broken paving stones which I nearly tripled upon again.Its not good enough ……..and a danger to all.

    5. anthony zammit says:

      Knowing the new Minister, it will be a great and very safe work Terry, not only for the bus stop but for traffic, ambulance and pedestrians alike. Ther will always be those negative rays but thorns are part of nature. I just hope that that protruding land will give way to widen the road

    6. Ci says:

      Great the to see this work tacking place after all the years of waiting.perhaps now the “service road” will be no longer know as the swimming pool.

    7. anthony zammit says:

      Ci, very true. IN fact I expected tadpoles and frogs to flourish there

    8. Joseph Mizzi says:

      Shouldn’t all roads be of a high standard?

    9. anthony zammit says:

      They will all be of high standards but they will not be eternal.

    10. anthony zammit says:

      I think being a hospital main artery the work should be done faster, lots of bid=g equipment few workers

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