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Appeal for a Soprano Saxophone to send to Peru – Anthony Zammit

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Appeal for a Soprano Saxophone to send to Peru - Anthony Zammit“As many of the readers know I have spent many years in the Missions in Peru. Only some months ago I went to inaugurate the new High School named Colegio Anthony Zammit.

In my work, I met many people and one extraordinary person is a certain blind from birth 25-year-old lady called Maruja Gonzales de La Cruz. I even took her some years ago to Lima to a special Eye Hospital to be sure if there was anything one can do for her.

The specialists couldn’t do anything but the bus journey, the long walks on the sand, the smell of seawater, the rush of the waves were all new to her and much more. We stayed at a nuns convent and she sang for the congregation and tears fell!

Maruja had a very hard life. She was not loved and had been abandoned from an early age. Yet she has a strong faith in God, learned to play the guitar and two years ago gave lessons to students who wanted to learn the guitar.

Last year I helped her enrol in a Music School in Ayacucho and she proved herself so well that she was given a scholarship. I had the pleasure to assist her first live concert in Ayacucho with all the other students.

Like all other girls, Maruja has her ups and downs. She has nowhere to live and a congregation of nuns gave her a small room to sleep in. These nuns sell sweets and Maruja folds the small boxes for the nuns to put the pastries in.

Her friends bought her a smartphone and it amazed me how she scrolls and hears the messages and do so many things which are alien to me.

Before I left I took her and her friend Liz out for a Pizza and as a goodbye message Maruja asked me if I could get her a Soprano Saxophone. She wants to study it as her instrument.

I have no idea how much it costs and I do not want to give her an old used one which will not play well. Sometimes donors say if it for the Missions, then anything goes.

I would like to send this appeal to all the readers, if anyone, or any group would like to help this blind wonderful lady play and praise the Lord with her music and beautiful voice (heard here singing at a wedding). I will give you her facebook address and you will hear her voice thanking you for your great gift.”

Anthony Zammit,


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