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Christmas meals distributed at San Lawrenz

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meals-on-wheels.JPGLast week another Christmas season passed, and for the 14th consecutive year the San Lawrenz Local Council kept in mind those who live alone.

After celebrating Christmas together as a community during the holy night, first with the pageant (that was described by many as a very successful one) and later with the singing of the psalms, the Midnight Mass and the Agape in the community centre after mass, it was the turn of the Local Council to visit the elderly who live alone.

Christmas is a feast where everyone wishes peace and happiness in his heart and also for his loved ones. But in the society we live in there are people who although they wish to share this peace and happiness with others, circumstances are such that they are on their own.

With keeping in mind to give each person in the community priority and the Local Council’s policy, that of keeping the dignity of the human person, 14 years ago the council embarked on an initiative to offer a hot meal to those who live alone on the two most sensitive days of the year, Christmas Day and the titular feast of St Lawrence. In this activity the Mayor together with the councillors personally visit those who live alone and offer a hot meal, so that everyone will know that on Christmas Day and the St Lawrence Festa, someone is thinking of them.

This year this activity took place once again. Thirty-six people from the village received a visit by the Mayor and the Councillors, and after exchanging Christmas Greetings were offered a hot meal. The happiness of those who received this gesture was evident, and they appreciated it al the more for the fact that someone thought of them, rather than just for the food itself.

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