News on Gozo tunnel project is “music to the ears of most Gozitans” – GUG

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News on the Gozo tunnel project is "music to most Gordian's ears" - GUGThe Gozo University Group’s Activism Week was the background to this year’s Gozo Week, at the University of Malta.

The Minister for Gozo, Justyne Caruana visited earlier in the week and the GUG said that they spoke to her about the fast ferry Service as well as about the “famed Gozo tunnel.”

“We were told that agreements will be met by the end of this month,” said the Group.

The Group remarked that the latest news on the tunnel, with the information from Minister Ian Borg that the tunnel would start at Nadur and end at Manikata, “was music to most Gozitans’ ears, the two islands might finally be connected.”

It added that “these new developments, though exciting, harken back to other times were there were plans for a tunnel but never actually realised.”

“This is also one of the fears about the Fast Ferry Service which was promised,” said GUG. “We do hope that there has been progress. The Gozitans cannot help but have a certain feeling of apathy from their southern sisters and brothers.”

The GUG continued by saying that “we must keep in mind that this tunnel will not be open tomorrow. There is still a long way to go.”

It pointed out that “in the meantime, Gozitans have to travel the Channel every day. Students, workers – even mothers and fathers, need a faster mode of travel than the current one.”

“Most of us are overjoyed by the news that the plans for the tunnel are moving ahead,” said the Group.

Photograph by Alain Salvary

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    2 Responses

    1. Jojo says:

      Some “real” facts like having ir costed and how it will be funded might more convincing.

    2. Lino DeBono says:

      At long last, the Gozitans are going to enjoy direct contact with the outside world. Our children are going to have the opportunity to higher promotional positions with no restrictions of travel too and from Gozo. Gozitans will also be in a position to remain living in Gozo with their families instead of being separated. Festivities, meetings, activities can be attended by the Tunnel means without having to bother about time limitations.
      Gozo will also see an influx of traffic and an invasion of and by others, but all in all, it will be worthwhile for the benefits of our children by which this tunnel will open vast opportunities for them.
      May more sustainable progress continue to reach the Gozitan shores whilst preserving our national heritage.

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