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Chorus Urbanus celebrates 33rd anniversary

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Chorus Urbanus at Il-Kuncert tal-Milied 2008Chorus Urbanus recently celebrated it’s 33rd anniversary, the anniversary of the choir’s foundation has a very significant place within the Chorus Urbanus calendar. Throughout its history, music-making has played a vital and significant role and has seen the choir rise eminently to the role of a national cultural protagonist.

Innumerable congregations and audiences, both local and foreign, have been soothed and enriched by the musical performances of the choir. And during the Christmas period they celebrate their foundation anniversary, an annual event that gives the community an opportunity to tangibly show its appreciation to the music ministry for their ongoing weekly commitment and involvement in the liturgical and cultural sphere.

The choir said, “we celebrate and praise, in every manner possible, our God to whom we owe our very existence. We sing praises, because of God’s creation, intervention, and preservation.”

“The very existence of God provides sufficient impetus for our praise. God has done great things for us! The mighty deeds of our Creator cannot be matched. The monumental greatness of God cannot be surpassed. To God be the glory for all great things that have been done. So let us praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow and thank Him. Life may not be what it ought to be, but we sing “Hallelujah” anyhow, because God is great. Let the sopranos sing of God’s sovereignty, let the altos give a crescendo of adoration! Let the tenors triumphantly declare the “marching on” of His truth and the basses belt out with power the testimony of the blessings of our God.”

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